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Benevia, a 350ml insecticide produced by FMC, is a highly effective solution for controlling a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insect pests across a wide range of crops. At its core, it features Cyantraniliprole as the active ingredient, making it a formidable tool in integrated pest management strategies.

Mode of Action:

Benevia primarily acts on pest insect larvae through ingestion but also provides effective control through contact. Its versatility is further demonstrated by its ovicidal, ovi-larvicidal, and adulticidal efficacy, which can vary depending on the specific pest species. When exposed to this insecticide, pest species typically experience rapid cessation of feeding within just a few hours. However, the time required for mortality to occur may span from 3 to 6 days, depending on the species.

Application Guidelines:

For effective pest management, it is crucial to monitor insect populations closely and apply Benevia® 100 OD as directed on the label instructions. Application should be carried out when locally determined economic thresholds are reached, ensuring precise adherence to dosage rates, spray intervals, and optimal timing for application. The versatility of this insecticide allows its use on various crop varieties, as indicated on the label.

Broad-Spectrum Control:

Benevia® 100 OD exhibits exceptional versatility in its ability to target both chewing and sucking insects. This broad-spectrum control is invaluable for farmers seeking comprehensive protection for their crops. Whether dealing with caterpillars, aphids, thrips, or other damaging pests, Benevia® 100 OD provides a reliable solution to safeguard crop health and yield.

In summary, Benevia® 100 OD is a powerful and adaptable insecticide that plays a pivotal role in integrated pest management across diverse crops. Its active ingredient, Cyantraniliprole, and multifaceted mode of action make it a preferred choice for farmers looking to protect their crops from a wide range of insect pests. By following label instructions and recommended guidelines, growers can maximize the benefits of this insecticide, ultimately contributing to healthier plants, improved yields, and sustainable agricultural practices. As a product of FMC, it stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to providing effective solutions in the field of pesticides and insecticides.

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