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Bravis, a powerful fungicide from FMC, delivers comprehensive protection against fungal diseases in various crops. This unique formulation combines 15% Fluopimomide and 25% Dimethomorph for a preventive and curative mode of action, safeguarding your plants throughout the growing season.

Key strengths of Bravis:

  • Effective against a broad spectrum of fungal diseases, including late blight.
  • Dual-action formula: Protects plants both before and after disease onset.
  • Fluopimomide - a novel active ingredient: Fungal strains haven't developed resistance to this new mode of action, maximizing effectiveness.
  • Superior control: Bravis' advanced chemistry surpasses the performance of common fungicides.
  • Safe for fruits and plants: When used as directed, Bravis is gentle on your crops.

Bravis is ideal for:

  • Farmers seeking a dependable fungicide solution.
  • Applications on various crops where fungal diseases pose a threat.

Available in a convenient 200ml size, Bravis offers a powerful and versatile tool for your plant protection strategy.

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