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Conquer Fungal Foes: Unveiling the Power of Cabriotop 60WDG

Struggling with stubborn fungal diseases plaguing your precious crops? Look no further than Cabriotop 60WDG Pyraclostrobin + Metiram 300gm FMC, a powerhouse fungicide designed to shield your fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals from a broad spectrum of fungal invaders.

Crafted with a potent blend of 5% pyraclostrobin and 55% metiram, Cabriotop 60WDG delivers a one-two punch against fungal foes:

    • Pyraclostrobin: This innovative systemic fungicide disrupts the energy production within fungal cells, halting their growth and spread in its tracks. Its preventive and curative action ensures both existing infections are controlled and new ones are effectively prevented.
    • Metiram: This multi-site protectant fungicide forms a protective barrier on the plant surface, hindering fungal spores from germinating and infecting your crops. Its multi-site mode of action helps delay the development of fungicide resistance.


strawberry grey mould, leaf spot 250gm 
onion downy mildew 250gm 
potato  early & late blight 600gm
tomato early & late blight 600gm
cucumber & melon powdery & downy mildew 400gm
citrus gammosis & withertip  250-300 gm/ 100 low


But the benefits of Cabriotop 60WDG extend far beyond its potent fungicidal action:

    • Broad-spectrum disease control: Effectively combats a wide range of fungal diseases in various crops, including late blight, downy mildew, anthracnose, scab, and leaf spots.
    • Rainfastness: The active ingredients adhere strongly to plant surfaces, even after rainfall, providing extended protection.
    • Translaminar and systemic activity: Pyraclostrobin penetrates plant tissues, offering deeper protection against internal fungal infections.
    • Reduced risk of resistance: The dual-mode of action minimizes the chances of fungi developing resistance, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
    • Improved crop health and yield: By controlling fungal diseases, Cabriotop 60WDG promotes healthy plant growth, increases yields, and enhances the aesthetic value of ornamentals.


    • Always consult the product label for specific use instructions and dosage recommendations for your target crop and fungal disease.
    • Follow all safety precautions outlined on the label to protect yourself and the environment.
    • Practice integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for optimal disease control and resistance management.

With its unmatched efficacy, broad-spectrum protection, and long-lasting rain-fastness, Cabriotop 60WDG stands as a true champion in the fight against fungal diseases. Choose Cabriotop 60WDG and witness the thriving health and bountiful yields of your precious crops!

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