Check Worm 5EC

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Check Worm 5EC, available in a 150ml packaging, is a highly effective insecticide categorized under the group of insecticides. It stands as a valuable tool for farmers engaged in multicrop cultivation, providing robust protection against a wide spectrum of bollworms that threaten various crops. At its core, Check Worm 5EC boasts Emamectin as its active ingredient, formulated at a 5% concentration in an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) form, making it a powerful solution for bollworm control.


The fundamental mode of action of Check Worm 5EC revolves around two key properties: contact and translaminar action. These dual-action mechanisms are pivotal in ensuring comprehensive pest control by addressing bollworms at different stages of their life cycle and across various parts of the plant.

  1. Contact Action: Upon application, Check Worm 5EC creates a protective barrier on the plant’s surface. This contact action is particularly effective in targeting bollworms that come into direct contact with the treated foliage. It acts as an immediate deterrent, preventing these pests from inflicting immediate damage.
  2. Translaminar Action: The translaminar properties of Check Worm 5EC allow it to penetrate the leaf surface and move within the leaf tissue. This unique attribute enables the insecticide to reach and control bollworms residing on the undersides of leaves, where they often feed and seek refuge. By effectively treating the leaves, it ensures that no part of the plant remains susceptible to bollworm infestations.


Farmers can conveniently apply Check Worm 5EC at a recommended dosage of 75 ml per acre. The ease of application ensures precise and uniform coverage of crops, maximizing the efficiency of pest management practices.

Check Worm 5EC offers comprehensive protection against a wide array of bollworms, encompassing those that target cotton, maize, and various other crops. Bollworms are notorious for their capacity to inflict substantial damage to crops, leading to significant economic losses for farmers. Check Worm 5EC’s versatility in terms of mode of action makes it a preferred choice for farmers who prioritize maintaining the health and productivity of their crops.


In conclusion, Check Worm 5EC, packaged in a convenient 150ml container, is a potent and adaptable insecticide suitable for multicrop cultivation. Its active ingredient, Emamectin, and its combined contact and translaminar modes of action provide comprehensive pest control against bollworms. Farmers can rely on this product to protect their crops, thereby contributing to healthier plants and increased agricultural yields across various crop varieties. Its ease of use and effectiveness render it a valuable asset in modern farming practices.

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