Cutlas 20SC

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Cutlas 20SC is a versatile insecticide classified under the category of insecticides, and it’s a valuable asset for farmers engaged in multicrop cultivation. Its active ingredient, Clothianidin, is formulated at a concentration of 20% in a suspension concentrate (SC) form, offering robust protection against a broad spectrum of sucking insects.

Mode of action:

The primary mode of action of Cutlas 20SC involves both systemic and translaminar properties. This unique combination makes it particularly effective in controlling pests that feed on plant sap and hide in various parts of the plant.

Systemic action:

Systemic action means that after application, Cutlas 20SC is absorbed by the plant’s vascular system and transported throughout the entire crop. This systemic movement ensures that the insecticide reaches and affects pests even in parts of the plant that may be challenging to target with contact insecticides. As a result, it provides long-lasting protection and eradication of sucking insects, preventing damage to crops.

Translaminar action refers to the ability of Cutlas 20SC to penetrate the leaf surface and move within the leaf tissue. This property allows it to reach and control pests residing on the underside of leaves, where many sucking insects prefer to feed and hide. By treating the leaves effectively, it ensures that no part of the plant is left vulnerable to pest infestations.

Farmers can easily apply Cutlas 20SC at a recommended dosage of 200 ml per acre, ensuring precise and uniform coverage of the crops. Its adaptability for multicrop cultivation makes it a valuable tool for those growing various crops while dealing with the common challenge of sucking insects.

Cutlas 20SC offers comprehensive protection against a wide array of sucking insects that can cause considerable damage to crops, such as aphids, whiteflies, and leafhoppers. Its systemic and translaminar modes of action make it a preferred choice for farmers aiming to maintain the health and productivity of their crops.

In summary, Cutlas 20SC is a powerful and adaptable insecticide suitable for multicrop cultivation. Its active ingredient, Clothianidin, with its systemic and translaminar modes of action, provides comprehensive pest control against sucking insects. Farmers can rely on this product to protect their crops, contributing to healthier plants and increased agricultural yields across various crop varieties. Its ease of use and effectiveness make it a valuable asset in modern farming practices.

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