Genitox 30SC

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Genitox 30SC, Active Ingeridents: Dinotefuran 10% + Thiamethoxam 20% – 30SC

Genitox 30SC is a potent insecticide classified within the category of insecticides, specifically tailored to meet the needs of cotton growers. This innovative solution is formulated with two dynamic active ingredients: Dinotefuran at 10% concentration and Thiamethoxam at 20% concentration, resulting in a powerful 30SC formulation. Genitox 30SC plays a pivotal role in effectively managing one of cotton’s most notorious pests, the jassid.


The effectiveness of Genitox 30SC stems from its dual-action mode of action. It operates both as a contact and systemic insecticide. This dual approach ensures that jassids, which often infest the undersides of cotton leaves, are efficiently controlled. Upon contact, the insecticide acts rapidly to deter and eliminate jassids feeding on the plant’s surface. Simultaneously, it exhibits systemic properties, enabling it to be absorbed by the cotton plant’s vascular system. This means that even hidden or hard-to-reach jassid populations are targeted, resulting in comprehensive pest management.


Genitox 30SC is optimally applied at a dosage of 100 ml per acre. This recommended dosage ensures thorough coverage and effective pest control, enhancing cotton crop health and productivity.


Cotton crops are particularly vulnerable to jassid infestations, as these pests are known to cause significant damage by piercing the plant’s tissues and feeding on sap. The consequences of jassid infestations can include reduced plant vigor, stunted growth, and decreased cotton yields. Genitox 30SC specifically targets and mitigates the impact of these destructive insects.


By offering both contact and systemic action, Genitox 30SC provides comprehensive pest management for cotton crops. This dual-action approach ensures that jassid populations are not only immediately controlled on the surface but are also systematically targeted within the plant’s vascular system. As a result, cotton growers can expect healthier plants, improved yields, and enhanced profitability.

In conclusion, it is a valuable tool for cotton growers seeking effective jassid management. Its unique combination of Dinotefuran and Thiamethoxam, coupled with a dual-action mode of action, makes it a reliable choice for safeguarding cotton crops. By providing both contact and systemic control, Genitox 30SC offers growers the means to protect their crops comprehensively, ensuring the long-term success of cotton cultivation.

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