Jumper 10WDG

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Jumper 10WDG 75gm, Active Ingeridents: Lambda Cyhalothrin 10% – WDG

Jumper 10WDG is a highly effective insecticide classified under the category of insecticides, primarily designed to protect cotton and rice crops from the damaging effects of pests, specifically bollworms and the rice leaf folder. At its core, Jumper 10WDG features Lambda Cyhalothrin as its active ingredient, formulated at a concentration of 10% in a water-dispersible granule (WDG) form. This insecticide provides a reliable and targeted solution for pest control in these vital crops.


The mode of action of Jumper 10WDG is primarily contact-based. When applied to cotton and rice fields, it forms a protective barrier on the surface of the plants. This barrier serves as a deterrent to pests, particularly bollworms and the rice leaf folder, that come into direct contact with the treated foliage. By acting swiftly upon contact, Jumper 10WDG prevents these pests from causing immediate harm to the crops.


For optimal pest management, Jumper 10WDG is recommended to be applied at a dosage of 75 grams per acre. This dosage is carefully calibrated to ensure thorough coverage of the cotton and rice plants, maximizing the efficacy of pest control practices. Adequate and uniform distribution of the granules across the field is crucial for achieving the best results.


Jumper 10WDG is renowned for its ability to provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of bollworms and the rice leaf folder, all of which can pose significant threats to cotton and rice crops. These pests have the potential to defoliate plants, damage reproductive structures, and significantly reduce crop yields. By offering a targeted and efficient solution, Jumper 10WDG contributes to healthier plants, improved yields, and enhanced profitability in cotton and rice farming.

In summary, it is a valuable tool for cotton and rice growers looking to maximize their crop yields by effectively managing bollworms and the rice leaf folder. Its active ingredient, Lambda Cyhalothrin, and its contact-based mode of action provide reliable and swift pest control. By ensuring that pests are kept in check, Jumper 10WDG plays a pivotal role in modern farming practices, safeguarding crops and supporting agricultural sustainability. With its recommended dosage, it offers growers a practical and efficient means of pest management, contributing to the overall success of cotton and rice cultivation.

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