Rignil 5SC

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Rignil 5SC: A Powerful Insecticide for Sugarcane Borer Control

Product: Rignil 5SC

Category: Insecticides

Active Ingredient: Fipronil 5% SC (Suspension Concentrate)

Purpose: Controls a broad spectrum of borers infesting sugarcane crops.

Mode of Action: Rignil 5SC combines both contact and systemic action to effectively eliminate borers. The contact action kills borers on direct contact with the sprayed solution, while the systemic action ensures the insecticide is absorbed by the plant, providing protection from borers feeding internally.

Dose: 480 ml/acre (refer to product label for specific mixing and application instructions)


  • Primarily used for sugarcane.
  • May also be effective against borers in other crops, but always consult the product label for approved uses before applying.


  • Controls a wide range of borers attacking sugarcane, including:
    • Shoot borers: (Chilo infuscatellus, Chilo sacchariphagus)
    • Top borers: (Scirpophaga nivella, Scirpophaga excerptalis)
    • Root borers: (Metaprotaleopis spp., Tanymecus spp.)

Additional Information:

  • Benefits:
    • Long-lasting residual control of borers.
    • Effective against various borer life stages, including eggs, larvae, and pupae.
    • Rain fastness ensures protection even after precipitation.
  • Precautions:
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while handling and applying the product.
    • Follow the instructions on the product label carefully to ensure safe and effective use.
    • Store the product in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

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