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Speedfol High K SP is a 1kg water-soluble fertilizer produced by Swat Agro Chemicals, specifically designed for foliar application (applied directly to leaves) to address potassium deficiency in various crops. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • High Potash Content (K2O): This fertilizer boasts a concentrated 40% potash (K2O) content, making it ideal for correcting potassium deficiencies and promoting processes crucial for plant health and productivity, such as:

    • Sturdy Stems and Enhanced Stress Tolerance: Potassium strengthens cell walls, leading to more robust stems and improved resistance to environmental stresses like drought and disease.
    • Improved Fruit Quality and Yield: Adequate potassium levels contribute to better fruit size, color, and overall yield by promoting efficient translocation of sugars and nutrients within the plant.
    • Enhanced Water Management: Potassium plays a role in regulating plant stomata (pores) which helps regulate water uptake and loss.
  • Balanced NPK Formula with Micronutrients (NPK 10:10:40 + TE): In addition to the high potash, Speedfol High K SP contains a moderate amount of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) (each at 10%) to support overall plant growth and development. The "+" symbol likely indicates the presence of trace elements (TE) essential for various plant functions.

  • Foliar Application: This method delivers nutrients directly to the leaves, allowing for quicker uptake and correction of deficiencies compared to soil application, particularly when dealing with immobile nutrients like potassium.


  • Rapid response to potassium deficiencies
  • Improved plant health and stress tolerance
  • Enhanced fruit quality and potentially increased yield

Important Considerations:

  • Category and Subcategory: Speedfol High K SP falls under the fertilizer category but a more specific subcategory would be "Water-Soluble Foliar Fertilizer" or "Potassium Fertilizer." "Imported Fertilizer" can be a valid subcategory if this product is not manufactured locally.
  • Application Rates and Timing: Always refer to the product label for specific application rates and timing recommendations based on crop type, severity of deficiency, and growth stage.
  • Soil Testing: While Speedfol High K SP addresses potassium deficiencies, a proper soil test can provide a broader picture of your soil's nutrient profile and may reveal additional nutrient requirements for optimal plant growth.

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