Spot Fix 33.5SC

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Spot Fix 33.5SC, Oxine Copper 33.5% – SC

Spot Fix 33.5SC is a highly effective fungicide that plays a pivotal role in safeguarding crops like potatoes, vegetables, and rice from the insidious threats of fungal diseases. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the key attributes, active ingredients, application details, and the mode of action that make Spot Fix 33.5SC an indispensable tool for modern agriculture.


Spot Fix 33.5SC falls into the category of fungicides, and it is renowned for its capacity to combat fungal infections in crops. Moreover, the recommended dosage of this potent solution is 240 ml per acre, ensuring that a judicious application effectively shields the crops against fungal adversaries.


This versatile fungicide extends its protective mantle over a diverse range of crops, including potatoes, vegetables, and rice. Whether you’re a potato farmer, a vegetable cultivator, or a rice producer, Spot Fix 33.5SC can be a reliable ally in your battle against fungal threats.


Spot Fix 33.5SC’s efficacy stems from its active ingredient, Oxine Copper (Metalaxyl), which is present in a concentrated form of 33.5%. Oxine Copper is renowned in the agricultural community for its proficiency in thwarting various fungal pathogens. Making it a stalwart defender of crop health.

Spectrum of Activity: This fungicide exhibits an impressive spectrum of activity, combating several fungal diseases that commonly plague crops. Notable adversaries that  effectively combats include Botrytis, Scab, and Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB). Its multifaceted action ensures comprehensive protection against these threats.

Mode of Action: Spot Fix 33.5SC operates as a preventive measure, making it an invaluable tool in proactive crop management. When applied, it likely creates a protective barrier on the plant’s surface, acting as a formidable deterrent against fungal pathogens. By inhibiting their growth and establishment, it fortifies the plant’s defenses, ensuring its continued vitality and yield potential.

In conclusion, Spot Fix 33.5SC is more than just a fungicide; it’s a guardian of crop health and productivity. By following the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously, using the recommended dosage, and adhering to safety guidelines. Farmers can harness the full potential of this product to safeguard their crops. Always remember to wear appropriate protective gear and adhere to local regulations. Underscoring the importance of responsible pesticide use in sustainable agriculture. Choose Spot Fix 33.5SC as your trusted partner in cultivating healthy and thriving crops.

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