Sunitol 4.3EC

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Sunitol 4.3EC stands as a formidable sentinel, shielding cotton crops from the relentless assault of the dreaded Pink Bollworm complex. This potent insecticide, armed with a unique blend of active ingredients and a dual-pronged mode of action, delivers relentless protection and ensures a bountiful harvest.

A Two-Pronged Assault:

    • Betacyfluthrin (4%): This synthetic pyrethroid acts as a neurotoxin, disrupting the nervous system of insects upon contact. It delivers a rapid knockdown effect, immobilizing and killing pests instantly.
    • Emamactin benzoate (0.3%): This biological insecticide takes a different route. It binds to insect gut receptors, causing paralysis and ultimately death. Additionally, it exhibits translaminar activity, providing extended protection by penetrating plant tissues and reaching hidden larvae.

Unwavering Defense:

    • Pink & Bollworm complex: Sunitol 4.3EC is no ordinary soldier. It stands resolute against the Pink Bollworm, a notorious enemy known for its cunning and resilience. The combination of Betacyfluthrin's immediate action and Emamactin's long-lasting control ensures complete annihilation of this devastating pest and its cohorts.
    • Dose: At 200 ml/acre, Sunitol 4.3EC packs a powerful punch, delivering the perfect concentration for optimal pest control without harming the cotton crop.
    • Contact & Translaminar: This dual mode of action is what sets Sunitol 4.3EC apart. It's not just a shield – it's a sword and a shield combined. The contact action provides immediate defense against invading pests, while the translaminar activity seeks out and eliminates those lurking within the plant.

Beyond the Battlefield:

    • 4.3EC formulation: This concentrated emulsion ensures efficient mixing and uniform application, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing waste.
    • Flexible application: Sunitol 4.3EC readily adapts to your needs. It can be applied as a foliar spray, offering targeted protection to vulnerable areas, or through aerial application, ensuring complete coverage throughout the field.
    • Cotton compatibility: Sunitol 4.3EC is gentle on cotton plants, delivering powerful pest control without causing phytotoxicity or yield reduction.

Sunitol 4.3EC is more than just an insecticide; it's a silent guardian, a watchful protector of your cotton crop's health and productivity. With its potent blend of active ingredients, dual-mode action, and cotton-friendly formulation, Sunitol 4.3EC stands as your unwavering defense against the Pink Bollworm complex, ensuring a harvest that's nothing short of triumphant.

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