Tara Fixer 5%

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Tara Fixer 5% 1Ltr, Active Ingeridents:Boron 5%

Tara Fixer 5% is a micronutrient fertilizer that holds a critical role in addressing boron deficiency and enhancing the flowering process in a variety of crops. Falling under the category of micronutrients, it provides plants with an essential element, boron, in relatively small quantities, but this micronutrient plays a pivotal role in plant health and development.


The recommended dosage for Tara Fixer 5% is 500 milliliters per acre, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for rectifying boron deficiency in the soil. This product is particularly valuable for multicrop cultivation systems, where different crops are grown on the same piece of land, as it offers a targeted solution for boron-related issues.

It is specifically designed to combat boron deficiency, a common problem in many agricultural regions. Boron is essential for various physiological processes within plants, including cell division, carbohydrate metabolism, and pollen tube elongation. Insufficient boron can lead to poor flowering, reduced fruit set, and decreased crop yield.

The spectrum of Tara Fixer 5% is characterized by its high boron content, with 5% of its formulation consisting of this micronutrient. This high concentration ensures that plants receive an adequate supply of boron, effectively addressing any deficiencies and promoting healthy growth and flowering.


The mode of action of Tara Fixer 5% is systemic, meaning that once applied to the soil or directly to the plant, it is absorbed and transported throughout the entire plant, including leaves, stems, and flowers. This systemic action ensures that all parts of the crop receive the necessary boron for optimal growth and flowering.

In summary, Tara Fixer 5% is a valuable micronutrient fertilizer designed to address boron deficiency and promote flowering in multicrop agricultural systems. Its high boron concentration and systemic mode of action make it an effective and efficient solution to enhance crop health and maximize yields by improving the flowering process and subsequent fruit set. By rectifying boron deficiency, this fertilizer contributes to increased agricultural productivity and improved crop quality.

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