Trofezon Super

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Trofezon Super 25SC 800ml, Active Ingeridents: Pyriproxyfen 2% + Buprofezin 23% – 25SC

Trofezon Super 25SC is a specialized insecticide designed for the effective management of whiteflies in cotton crops. Whiteflies are notorious pests known for their ability to cause significant damage to cotton plants, leading to reduced yields and compromised crop quality. Trofezon Super 25SC offers a potent solution to combat this problem.


The product contains a powerful combination of two active ingredients: Pyriproxyfen and Buprofezin, formulated as a 25% Suspension Concentrate (SC). Pyriproxyfen makes up 2% of the formulation, while Buprofezin constitutes an impressive 23%. This unique combination of active ingredients is specifically designed to target whiteflies during the early stages of infestation.


Trofezon Super 25SC employs a contact mode of action, which means that when applied to the cotton plants, it directly affects the whiteflies upon contact. The dual action of Pyriproxyfen and Buprofezin enhances its effectiveness. Pyriproxyfen acts as a growth regulator, disrupting the development of whitefly eggs and larvae. This prevents the next generation of whiteflies from maturing, ultimately reducing their population. Buprofezin, on the other hand, interferes with the whiteflies’ ability to feed and reproduce. Together, these two active ingredients provide a comprehensive and potent solution for whitefly management.


For optimal results, Trofezon Super 25SC should be applied at a rate of 1000ml per acre. It is crucial to follow recommended dosage guidelines and application procedures to ensure thorough coverage of the cotton plants, especially focusing on the early stages of whitefly infestation.


Trofezon Super 25SC is specifically formulated for use on cotton crops, making it a tailored solution for cotton farmers facing whitefly infestations.

Spectrum: The primary target of Trofezon Super 25SC is the whitefly population during the early stages of infestation. This product is particularly effective when applied preventively or at the first signs of whitefly presence. Early intervention is essential to prevent whiteflies from causing substantial damage to cotton crops.

In conclusion, Trofezon Super 25SC is a potent insecticide that provides an effective solution for managing whiteflies in cotton crops. Its unique combination of active ingredients, contact mode of action, and targeted application at the early stages of infestation make it an invaluable tool for cotton farmers seeking to protect their yields and crop quality. By disrupting whitefly development and feeding, this product contributes to the sustainable and profitable cultivation of cotton.

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