Atra Gold 74EC

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Weed management is an integral part of successful crop cultivation, and Atra Gold 74EC Herbicide has emerged as a versatile and effective solution to combat complex weed challenges. This herbicide, formulated with the potent active ingredients Pendimethalin and S-Metolachlor, addresses the specific needs of cotton, maize, and vegetable growers. With its systemic mode of action, Atra Gold 74EC offers comprehensive weed control that ensures the health and productivity of these valuable crops.

Active Ingredients:

Atra Gold 74EC combines Pendimethalin and S-Metolachlor, with Pendimethalin constituting 16.5% and S-Metolachlor making up 57.5% of the formulation. Pendimethalin is known for its pre-emergence weed control capabilities, while S-Metolachlor adds to the herbicide’s post-emergence effectiveness. This synergistic blend provides a broad-spectrum solution for combating a wide range of weed species commonly found in cotton, maize, and vegetable fields.

Spectrum of Control:

Manufacturers specifically design Atra Gold 74EC to tackle the complexities of weed infestations in cotton, maize, and vegetable crops. Whether facing broadleaf weeds, grasses, or other invasive species, this herbicide delivers robust protection. Its versatility across multiple crops makes it an invaluable tool for farmers with diverse agricultural interests.

Mode of Action:

Operating through a systemic mode of action, it is absorbed by weeds and transported throughout their vascular systems. This ensures that the herbicide is distributed to all parts of the weed, including the root system. As a result, Atra Gold 74EC provides lasting and efficient weed control, promoting the vitality of cotton, maize, and vegetable crops.


Agricultural experts recommend its application in cotton, maize, and vegetable fields where weed management is crucial for crop health and yield. With a prescribed dose of 650 milliliters per acre, it offers a cost-effective solution for weed-related challenges. Farmers can apply this herbicide both before and after weed emergence, thereby granting flexibility in their weed control strategies.


Herbicide stands as a versatile and indispensable tool for cotton, maize, and vegetable growers. Its ability to combat complex weed infestations.  Coupled with a systemic mode of action, makes it a valuable asset in safeguarding crop health and maximizing yield. With Atra Gold 74EC, farmers can confidently address the multifaceted challenges posed by weeds and ensure abundant and healthy harvests. This contributes significantly to the prosperity of cotton, maize, and vegetable agriculture and the production of these essential commodities.

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