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DECIS SUPER, featuring Deltamethrin 100 EC as its active ingredient, is a leading synthetic pyrethroid insecticide renowned for its exceptional effectiveness in agriculture. Its unique photostable properties set it apart as one of the most reliable insecticides available for agricultural use. Deltamethrin is a non-systemic insecticide, functioning primarily through contact and ingestion, and it provides comprehensive control over a wide spectrum of both chewing and sucking insects.

This powerful insecticide is particularly effective against various insect pests, including Lepidoptera, Homoptera (such as Aphids and Psylla), Coccidea, Cicadellinea, Heteroptera, Thysanoptera (selected thrips species), Diptera, Coleoptera, and Orthoptera. Its versatility in controlling such a diverse range of pests makes it a trusted choice among farmers.


One of the outstanding features of DECIS SUPER is its remarkable knockdown effect. Upon application, it swiftly immobilizes and eliminates targeted pests, offering quick relief from infestations. Moreover, its residual activity is noteworthy, thanks to specific physico-chemical properties:

  1. Solubility in fatty tissues allows for effective penetration into the cuticle of leaves.
  2. Very low solubility in water ensures excellent rainfastness, meaning it remains effective even after exposure to rain or irrigation.
  3. Minimal vapor pressure results in high resistance to evaporation, enhancing its durability.

DECIS SUPER’s effectiveness is further accentuated by the fact that it is composed of a single pure isomer, making it the most potent synthetic pyrethroid available. Additionally, it exhibits repellent action and anti-feeding properties, discouraging pests from feeding on treated plants.

As Deltamethrin is a contact, non-systemic insecticide, it’s crucial to apply it with adequate spray volume to ensure comprehensive coverage of both target plants and insects. This ensures that the insecticide makes direct contact with the pests, maximizing its effectiveness.


In conclusion, DECIS SUPER, powered by Deltamethrin 100 EC, stands as a highly effective and reliable insecticide in the realm of agriculture. Its broad spectrum of pest control, rapid knockdown effect, and impressive residual activity, along with its unique physico-chemical properties, make it an essential tool for modern farming practices. Farmers trust DECIS SUPER to protect their crops, ensure agricultural success, and combat a wide array of troublesome pests.

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