Fastmix 60EW

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Fastmix 60EW: A Selective Herbicide for Rice Weed Control

Active Ingredient: Butachlor (60% w/w)

Product Type: Selective systemic herbicide

Crop Application: Rice

Target Pests:

  • Annual grass weeds
  • Certain broadleaf weeds

Mode of Action: Fastmix 60EW is a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning it controls weeds before they emerge from the soil. It acts systemically, being absorbed by germinating weeds and disrupting their growth processes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effective Control: Fastmix 60EW provides broad-spectrum control of a wide range of grass and some broadleaf weeds commonly found in rice fields.
  • Selective Action: It minimizes harm to rice plants, allowing for targeted weed control.
  • Easy to Use: The water-dispersible formulation simplifies mixing and application.
  • Broad Application Window: Fastmix 60EW can be applied either pre-planting or pre-emergence, offering flexibility in weed management strategies.


  • Apply a dose of 800 ml of Fastmix 60EW per acre of rice field.
  • For optimal results, application should occur before weed emergence or in the very early stages of weed growth.
  • Always refer to the product label for specific mixing and application instructions.

Additional Information:

  • Fastmix 60EW is a product of FMC, a leading global innovator in agricultural solutions.
  • Important Note: Always follow the label instructions for safe and effective use. This includes adhering to recommended application rates and timing, using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and implementing proper storage and disposal practices.


  • Consult with a qualified agronomist or agricultural advisor to determine the most suitable weed control program for your specific rice variety and local weed pressure.
  • Practice integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for a holistic approach to weed control in your rice crops. This may include cultural practices, such as crop rotation, along with other herbicides with different modes of action to prevent weed resistance.

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