Foxal 36SC

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Foxal 36SC, Active Ingeridents: Chlorfenapyr 36% – SC

Foxal 36SC, classified as an insecticide within its category, is a powerful solution designed to meet the specific needs of cotton growers. With its active ingredient Chlorfenapyr at a concentration of 36% in a Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation, Foxal 36SC is engineered to effectively combat a range of cotton pests, including thrips, armyworms, and mites.


Foxal 36SC operates through a dual-action mode of action, functioning as both a contact and translaminar insecticide. This versatile approach ensures the thorough and efficient control of pests on multiple levels.

  • Contact Action: Upon application, Foxal 36SC acts immediately upon contact with the targeted pests. It delivers a rapid knockdown effect, deterring and eliminating pests that are present on the surface of the cotton plants. This swift action is essential in halting pest damage and preventing their further proliferation.
  • Translaminar Action: In addition to its contact effect, Foxal 36SC exhibits translaminar properties. This means that it can penetrate the leaf tissue, dispersing within the plant’s foliage. As a result, it targets pests hidden on the undersides of leaves, within the plant canopy, and in other protected areas where they might take refuge. This comprehensive control approach ensures that pest populations are effectively managed, even in hard-to-reach locations.


For optimal results, Foxal 36SC is recommended to be applied at a dosage of 200 ml per acre. This dosage is carefully calculated to provide thorough coverage and effective pest control, promoting cotton crop health and productivity.


Foxal 36SC is particularly effective against a range of pests that commonly afflict cotton crops:

  • Thrips: Thrips are notorious for their ability to damage cotton by feeding on the plant’s sap, often causing stunted growth and yield loss.
  • Armyworms: Armyworms can defoliate cotton plants and consume leaves, leading to reduced photosynthesis and compromised cotton yields.
  • Mites: Mites, such as spider mites, can cause damage by piercing plant cells and sucking out the contents, resulting in leaf stippling, discoloration, and decreased plant vigor.

By targeting these troublesome pests, Foxal 36SC helps cotton growers protect their crops from the detrimental effects of infestations, ultimately contributing to healthier cotton plants and increased yields.

In conclusion, it is a valuable asset for cotton growers seeking to effectively manage thrips, armyworms, and mites. Its active ingredient, Chlorfenapyr, and dual-action mode of action ensure comprehensive pest control, both on the surface and within the plant. By providing rapid knockdown and translaminar action, Foxal 36SC supports the sustainability of cotton cultivation, helping growers achieve healthier crops and improved profitability.

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