Greenopas 17SE

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Greenopas 17SE 300ML

Fungicide Epoxiconazole + Pyraclostrobin Jaffer Agro Services


“A fungicide for special protection of crops”

Product Category: Fungicide

Active ingredient: Epoxiconazole + Pyraclostrobin

Formulation: 17% SE (4.7% + 12.3%)

Target Disease: Leaf spots

Mode Of Action:

A fungicide with two latest molecules having excellent functioning for protecting & curing the crop from diseases. Greenopas is a broad-spectrum fungicide with long-lasting efficacy against leaf spots and other diseases, especially on cereal crops. It also enhances the leaf osmotic conduction, and its unique chemistry actively stops the production of new fungi spores and has eradicative capabilities by encapsulating fungal haustoria, which is then cut off from its nutrient supply and therefore dies.

Key Properties:

Unique & Powerful Pre-Mix Fungicide

Greenopas is a pre-mix fungicide having a combination of two latest molecules with globally recognized co-formulation.

Broad Spectrum Activity

Greenopas works effectively at every stage of leaf disease like leaf spots and rust.

Preventive, Curative & Eradicant Activity

Greenopas is a protective and systemic fungicide with curative properties. Can be used before and after the start of a disease.

Systemic & Translaminar Activity

Greenopas is absorbed by the plant cuticle and underlying tissues so acts by killing spores and will protect new sprouts/leaves from the disease.

New & Stronger SE (Suspo-Emulsion) Formulation

Provides long-lasting control against the disease.

Excellent Crop Compatibility

Greenopas improves crop health, shine & vigor. Promotes chlorophyll production and assists crops to cope with challenging climatic conditions.





Banana Leaf Spots

150-225 ml/acre

Application Timing & Necessary Instructions:

▪ Start applying before the disease appears, when environmental conditions are favorable, OR on the

appearance of the first disease symptoms.

▪ Keeping in view the disease severity, two applications at 7 days intervals should be recommended.

▪ Use a hollow cone nozzle and keep water volume @ 100-120 L/A.

▪ Ensure thorough coverage of the crop, no plant or part of a plant should remain unsprayed.

The Greenopas 17se 300ml Fungicide Epoxiconazole + Pyraclostrobin Jaffer Agro Services is a product of Jaffer Brothers Agro Services Pvt Ltd.. The Category is Pesticides and Subcategory is Fungicides And Bactericides

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