Pallas 45OD

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In the realm of wheat cultivation, Pallas 45 OD emerges as a powerful selective postemergence herbicide, delivering exceptional control of wild oats and certain broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, durum wheat, and winter wheat not underseeded with legumes. Formulated with pyroxsulam (300 ml + 150 ml a.i.), this herbicide provides farmers with a reliable tool to combat a diverse array of weeds in their wheat fields.

Key Features

    • Selective Control: Pallas 45 OD selectively targets wild oats and certain broadleaf weeds, leaving the wheat crop unharmed. This selectivity makes it an ideal choice for wheat farmers seeking effective weed management without harming their main crop.

    • Effective Wild Oat Control: Pallas 45 OD demonstrates exceptional efficacy against wild oats, a notorious weed that can significantly reduce wheat yields. It effectively controls both early- and late-emerging wild oats, preventing yield losses and enhancing crop quality.

    • Broadleaf Weed Control: In addition to wild oats, Pallas 45 OD effectively controls a range of broadleaf weeds, including common chickweed, prickly lettuce, and wild mustard. This broad-spectrum activity provides comprehensive weed management and promotes healthy wheat growth.

    • Flexible Application Timing: Pallas 45 OD offers flexibility in application timing, allowing for post-emergence application when wild oats and broadleaf weeds have emerged. This adaptability caters to diverse weed control strategies and timings.

Target Crops and Spectrum

Pallas 45 OD is specifically designed for spring wheat, durum wheat, and winter wheat not underseeded with legumes. It effectively controls wild oats and a range of broadleaf weeds in these wheat crops.

Application Guidelines

To maximize the efficacy of Pallas 45 OD, follow these application guidelines:

    • Application Timing: Apply Pallas 45 OD to wheat that is at least two weeks old and has at least two leaves. For wild oat control, apply when wild oats have two to four leaves. For broadleaf weed control, apply when broadleaf weeds are actively growing and have at least two to four true leaves.

    • Application Method: Pallas 45 OD should be applied as a broadcast spray using a ground sprayer. Ensure proper calibration of the sprayer to achieve even distribution of the herbicide.

    • Recommended Dose: The recommended dose of Pallas 45 OD is 300 ml + 150 ml a.i. per acre. Adjust the dose based on the severity of the weed infestation and the target vegetation.


    • Avoid application to stressed or damaged wheat crops.

    • Refrain from applying Pallas 45 OD in windy conditions to prevent drift onto non-target areas.

    • Wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants, when handling and applying Pallas 45 OD.

    • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling the herbicide.

    • Dispose of empty containers responsibly according to local regulations.

Pallas 45 OD: A Cornerstone of Wheat Weed Control

Pallas 45 OD stands as a cornerstone of wheat weed control, empowering farmers to achieve exceptional wild oat and broadleaf weed management and enhance their wheat yields. Its selective activity, effective wild oat control, broad-spectrum weed control, and flexible application timing make it an indispensable tool for wheat production. When used as directed, Pallas 45 OD paves the way for sustainable agricultural practices and optimizes farm productivity.

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