Solupotash Foliar 2kg

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Solupotash Foliar 2kg ( Chloride Free ) Solu Potash Solo Potash Jaffer Agro Chemicals K 50 S 17.5 K Leaf

solupotash foliar 2kg solu potash solo jaffer agro chemicals k 50 s 17.5

solupotash foliar (chloride free)

k-leaf is the best source to provide potash though spray. potassium also referred as potash, is one of the three macronutrients needed for maximum health of a plant.

potash is used to obtain bigger and larger fruits, to get maximum vegetable yields and achieve abundant flowers. k-leaf is specially developed to be used in spray on vegetables and fruits. k-leaf consists of 52% of potash with additional 18% of sulphur. it is 100% soluble and can be easily mixed with water at any temperature. 

the solupotash foliar 2kg ( chloride free )solu potash solo jaffer agro chemicals k 50 s 17.5 is a product of jaffer brothers agro services pvt ltd..

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