Tara Gold 5G

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Tara Gold 5G, Active Ingeridents: Monomehypo 5% – G

Tara Gold 5G is a highly effective granular insecticide designed specifically for rice crops. Its primary purpose is to combat the devastating pest known as the Rice stem Borer. This pest can cause significant damage to rice crops, leading to reduced yields and economic losses for farmers. Tara Gold 5G offers a reliable and efficient solution to protect rice crops from this destructive threat.


The active ingredient in Tara Gold 5G is Monomehypo at a concentration of 5% – G. Monomehypo is a potent insecticide known for its efficacy in controlling a wide range of rice pests, including the Rice stem Borer. What sets Tara Gold 5G apart is its dual mode of action, which encompasses both contact and systemic properties. This unique combination ensures that the insecticide not only targets pests on the surface of the plant but also penetrates the plant tissues, offering long-lasting protection against the Rice stem Borer.


The recommended dose for  is 7000 grams per acre, making it a cost-effective solution for large-scale rice cultivation. Farmers can apply this granular insecticide evenly across their rice fields, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum pest control. The granular formulation allows for easy application and minimizes the risk of drift or overspray.

It provides farmers with peace of mind, knowing that their rice crops are shielded against the destructive Rice stem Borer. By combining contact and systemic action, this insecticide not only eliminates existing pests but also provides preventive protection, reducing the risk of future infestations. As a result, farmers can expect healthier rice plants, increased yields, and improved profitability.


In conclusion, Tara Gold 5G is a powerful and efficient insecticide tailored for rice cultivation. With its dual mode of action, it offers comprehensive pest control, safeguarding rice crops from the Rice stem Borer. Its ease of application and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable tool for rice farmers looking to protect their crops and maximize their agricultural output.

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