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Vidal 240ML 30w/w ZC Fluopimomide 5 + Pyraclostrobin 25 ZC Fungicide Jaffer Agro Services

What is the meaning of ZC formulation?

ZC is a mixed formulation of CS and SC and is a stable aqueous suspension of microcapsules and solid fine particles, each of which contains one or more active ingredients. The formulation is intended for dilution into water prior to spray application.


“Innovative solution for Blight”

Product Category: Fungicide Active Ingredient: Fluopimomide 5% + Pyraclostrobin 25% ZC

Formulation: Available in ZC Formulation with 30% w/w concentration.

Mode of Action:

This is a new fluoric benzamide fungicide with broad spectrum activity, which acts on the respiratory chain of fungal mitochondria, inhibits the action of succinate dehydrogenase, blocks electron transfer, and inhibits fungal spore germination.

Key Properties/USPs:

Systemic and long-lasting effect: Vidal penetrates plant parts (leaves, branches) quickly after spray and immediately starts its work. Due to its high systemic activity, it shows long-lasting effects against different crop diseases including Downy mildew, Late Blight, etc.

Preventive & Curative disease control

New, unique, & patented fungicides

Broad spectrum activity

Target Crops: Grapes

Target Pests: Downy Mildew






Downy Mildew

240-300 ml/Acre

Method of Application:

Application Timing & Method:

Start applying Vidal 30%ZC before the disease appears, when environmental conditions are favorable, OR on the appearance of the first disease symptoms

Keeping in view the disease severity, two applications at 7-10 days intervals are recommended

Use hollow cone nozzle and keep water volume @ 120-140 L/A

Ensure thorough coverage of the crop, no plant or part of a plant should remain unsprayed

The Vidal 240ml 30w/w Zc Fluopimomide 5 + Pyraclostrobin 25 Zc Fungicide Jaffer Agro Services is a product of Jaffer Brothers Agro Services Pvt Ltd.. The Category is Pesticides and Subcategory is Fungicides And Bactericides

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