White Queen

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Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 Hybrid Vegetable Seed 50gram Tradic Junctiona

Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 is a remarkable and highly sought-after hybrid seed variety that has revolutionized gourd cultivation. With a recommended dosage of just 1 kg per acre, this variety has set new standards in terms of yield, size uniformity, and fruiting duration. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 works, its significance in agriculture, and why it’s a game-changer for farmers.


Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 is the result of cutting-edge breeding techniques and careful selection to create a superior gourd variety. When planted at the recommended dosage of 1 kg per acre, this hybrid seed variety demonstrates exceptional growth characteristics. It boasts a remarkable ability to produce fruits of uniform size, even at an early stage of growth. This uniformity is a significant advantage for both farmers and consumers.

What sets Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 apart is its abundant ability to bear fruit continuously for an extended period. This extended fruiting duration ensures a consistent supply of high-quality gourds throughout the growing season, providing farmers with a steady source of income and consumers with a fresh and accessible vegetable.


The importance of Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 in agriculture is multifaceted:

  1. Higher Productivity: This hybrid seed variety has redefined productivity standards. Farmers can expect significantly higher yields per acre compared to other gourd types, leading to increased profits.
  2. Uniform Size: The ability to produce fruits of uniform size early in the growth cycle is a game-changer for marketability. Consumers prefer consistent-sized gourds, making this variety highly desirable in the market.
  3. Extended Harvest: The prolonged fruiting period ensures a continuous and ample supply of gourds, benefiting both farmers and consumers by providing fresh produce for an extended duration.
  4. Reduced Risk: Uniform growth and extended fruiting reduce the risk associated with fluctuating market conditions and seasonal variations.
  5. Efficiency: Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 maximizes land and resource use efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for modern farming.


In conclusion, Sponge Gourd White Queen F1, with a recommended dosage of just 1 kg per acre, has redefined gourd cultivation. Its ability to yield fruits of uniform size early and continuously over an extended period has transformed the farming landscape. This hybrid variety boosts farm productivity and profitability while ensuring a steady supply of fresh gourds for consumers. Choosing Sponge Gourd White Queen F1 is a strategic investment, resulting in higher yields, uniformity, and an extended harvest.

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