Autonex 0.5G

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Autonex 0.5G is a granular insecticide containing a combination of two active ingredients: Thiamethoxam (0.3%) and Chlorantraniliprole (0.2% - 0.5%). This product is categorized as an insecticide and targets a variety of insects that damage crops, specifically focusing on borers and hoppers in maize and rice.

  • Active Ingredients:

    • Thiamethoxam (0.3%): This neonicotinoid insecticide disrupts the insect's nervous system, leading to paralysis and death.
    • Chlorantraniliprole (0.2% - 0.5%): This belongs to the anthranilic diamide class and works by interfering with the insect's muscle function, ultimately causing paralysis and death.
  • Mode of Action: Autonex 0.5G utilizes a triple action approach to eliminate targeted insects:

    • Contact Action: Kills insects directly upon contact with the granules.
    • Stomachic Action: Insects die after ingesting the insecticide particles along with the plant material.
    • Systemic Action: The insecticide is absorbed by the plant's roots and travels throughout the plant tissues, providing protection from insects feeding on any part of the plant.
  • Application: Autonex 0.5G is applied directly to the soil around the base of the crop plants, typically at a rate of 6000 grams per acre. The granules slowly release the insecticide into the soil, where it can be taken up by the plant roots or come into contact with target insects.

  • Target Crops: This insecticide is specifically labeled for use on maize (corn) and rice.

Additional Information (up to 300 words):

  • Benefits: Autonex 0.5G offers long-lasting protection against targeted pests, potentially reducing the need for multiple insecticide applications throughout the growing season. The systemic action provides protection to new plant growth as well.
  • Considerations: As with any pesticide, it's crucial to follow the label instructions for application rates and safety precautions. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling and applying Autonex 0.5G.
  • Environmental Impact: Like all insecticides, Autonex 0.5G can have some impact on non-target organisms. Care should be taken during application to minimize exposure to beneficial insects, pollinators, and wildlife.
  • Resistance Management: To prevent the development of insecticide resistance in pest populations, it's recommended to rotate Autonex 0.5G with insecticides from different chemical classes whenever possible.

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