Brisbane 40EC

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Brisbane 40EC is a potent insecticide that belongs to the category of insecticides, and it plays a crucial role in protecting sugarcane crops from the detrimental impact of pests. This specialized insecticide contains Chlorpyrifos as its active ingredient, formulated at a concentration of 40% in an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) form. Brisbane 40EC stands as a reliable solution for managing two significant categories of pests in sugarcane cultivation: armyworms and soil insects.

Mode of Action:

The primary mode of action of Brisbane 40EC is contact-based. When applied to sugarcane fields, it forms a protective barrier on the surface of the plants. This barrier acts as an immediate deterrent to pests, particularly armyworms and soil insects. These pests come into direct contact with the treated foliage and soil, where the insecticide is active. Upon contact, Brisbane 40EC swiftly immobilizes and eliminates the targeted pests, providing rapid control and preventing them from causing substantial damage to the sugarcane crop.


Farmers can apply Brisbane 40EC at a recommended dosage of 1000 ml per acre. This application rate ensures thorough coverage of the sugarcane plants, maximizing the efficiency of pest management practices. Adequate and uniform distribution of the insecticide across the field is crucial for achieving optimal results.

Spectrum of Activity:

Brisbane 40EC is highly effective in controlling two key categories of pests that commonly afflict sugarcane crops:

  1. Armyworms: These voracious pests can rapidly defoliate sugarcane plants, posing a significant threat to yield and crop health. Brisbane 40EC’s contact action ensures quick and reliable control of armyworms, protecting the sugarcane crop from severe damage.
  2. Soil Insects: Certain soil-dwelling insects, such as root-feeding nematodes and grubs, can adversely affect the root system of sugarcane plants. Brisbane 40EC’s contact-based application in the soil effectively manages these soil pests, promoting healthier root development and overall plant vigor.

In conclusion, Brisbane 40EC is a specialized insecticide tailored to the needs of sugarcane growers. Its active ingredient, Chlorpyrifos, and its contact-based mode of action make it a dependable choice for controlling armyworms and soil insects. Farmers can rely on Brisbane 40EC to safeguard their sugarcane crops, contributing to higher yields and crop quality. By providing rapid and effective pest control, this insecticide plays a pivotal role in the success of sugarcane cultivation and the sugar industry as a whole.

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