Cane Master 50%WP

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Sugarcane is a valuable crop that faces numerous challenges, one of which is weed control. Weeds compete with sugarcane for water, nutrients, and sunlight, reducing crop yields and profitability. Cane Master 50%WP is a powerful herbicide that effectively controls a wide range of weeds in sugarcane fields. It is a combination of two active ingredients, mesotrione (10%) and atrazine (40%), which work synergistically to provide rapid and long-lasting weed control.

Key Features

    • Broad-spectrum weed control: Cane Master 50%WP effectively controls a wide range of weeds, including grasses, broadleaf weeds, and sedges. This makes it a versatile tool for sugarcane farmers who need to control a variety of weeds.

    • Systemic action: Cane Master 50%WP is a systemic herbicide, which means it is absorbed by the roots and leaves of weeds and travels throughout the plant to kill it from the inside out. This provides long-lasting control of weeds.

    • Pre-emergence and post-emergence control: Cane Master 50%WP can be used as a pre-emergence or post-emergence herbicide. This gives farmers flexibility in their weed control programs.

    • Rainfast: Cane Master 50%WP is rainfast after it has dried on the plant. This means that it will not be washed away by rain, even if it rains soon after application.

Target Crops

Cane Master 50%WP is specifically formulated for sugarcane crops. It is safe and effective for use on both irrigated and non-irrigated sugarcane.


    • Pre-emergence application: For pre-emergence control, apply Cane Master 50%WP to a well-prepared seedbed before planting sugarcane. The recommended dose is 1000 grams per acre.

    • Post-emergence application: For post-emergence control, apply Cane Master 50%WP to sugarcane that is at least 4 weeks old. The recommended dose is 1000 grams per acre.

    • Application method: Cane Master 50%WP should be applied as a broadcast spray using a ground sprayer. Be sure to calibrate the sprayer to ensure that the herbicide is evenly applied.


    • Do not apply Cane Master 50%WP to sugarcane that is stressed or damaged.

    • Do not apply Cane Master 50%WP in windy conditions to prevent drift onto non-target areas.

    • Wear protective clothing, including gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants, when handling and applying Cane Master 50%WP.

    • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling the herbicide.

    • Dispose of empty containers responsibly.

Cane Master 50%WP: An Essential Tool for Sugarcane Farmers

Cane Master 50%WP is an essential tool for sugarcane farmers who need effective and long-lasting weed control. Its broad-spectrum activity, systemic action, and pre-emergence and post-emergence control make it an ideal choice for sugarcane production. When used as directed, Cane Master 50%WP can help sugarcane farmers achieve higher yields and improve their bottom line.

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