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Elevest 24sc 100ml: Active (Chlorantraniliprole) 

Elevest 24SC 100ml insecticide by FMC is a powerful pest control solution designed to combat a wide range of agricultural pests, making it an invaluable tool for farmers. It contains two active ingredients: Bifenthrin and Chlorantraniliprole, also known as Rynaxypyr, both renowned for their effectiveness against various pests.


One of Elevest’s standout features is its versatility. It provides excellent control over a broad spectrum of more than 40 pests, including notorious troublemakers like plant bugs, armyworms, and stink bugs. Whether you’re dealing with chewing or sucking insects, Elevest has you covered.


Elevest combines the strengths of two potent insecticide groups. The first is Rynaxypyr (group 28), known for its efficacy against lepidopteran pests. This active ingredient provides targeted control and is highly effective against worms and similar pests. The second is Bifenthrin (group 3a), a pyrethroid with rapid knockdown capabilities. By combining these two active ingredients, Elevest offers broad-spectrum coverage and enhanced overall pest control.

For farmers facing the challenge of multiple pests, Elevest is an excellent fit. It’s particularly useful for those dealing with worm complexes and other insects simultaneously. This multi-pronged approach simplifies pest management, reducing the need for multiple applications and saving both time and resources.


Elevest provides fast knockdown of targeted pests, offering quick relief from pest infestations. Furthermore, it’s rainfast when applied under dry conditions, ensuring that its effectiveness isn’t compromised by adverse weather conditions.

As a product of FMC, a reputable company in the field of pesticides and insecticides, Elevest meets rigorous quality and safety standards. It’s a trusted choice for farmers looking to protect their crops and optimize their yields.


In conclusion, Elevest 24SC 100ml insecticide by FMC is a versatile and powerful solution for pest control in agriculture. With its combination of Bifenthrin and Chlorantraniliprole (Rynaxypyr), it provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of pests, making it an essential tool for modern farming practices. Its fast knockdown capability, rainfastness, and suitability for managing multiple pests make it a valuable asset for farmers aiming to protect their crops and ensure agricultural success.

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