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Hombre ( Excel ) Ultra Cereal Seed Treatment 200ml Bayer Imidacloprid 360 G/L Tebuconazole 12.5 G/L Seed Treatments

Hombre Ultra Cereal Seed Treatment, presented in a convenient 200ml format by Bayer, is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for safeguarding cereal crops right from the start. This innovative seed treatment combines two powerful active ingredients, Imidacloprid at 360 g/L and Tebuconazole at 12.5 g/L, resulting in a potent pre-mix that addresses a range of challenges faced by cereal growers.

Dual-Action Protection:

Hombre Ultra offers a dual-action approach to cereal crop protection. It seamlessly integrates the fungicide Raxil®, known for its efficacy in controlling various smuts, including bunt, with the broad-spectrum insecticide Gaucho®. This combination ensures that cereal crops receive comprehensive protection against both fungal diseases and insect pests.


The inclusion of Raxil® in Hombre Ultra is instrumental in preventing the development of smuts, which can have a devastating impact on cereal crops. By curbing the growth and spread of these fungal diseases, the seed treatment promotes healthier plants and helps preserve crop yield potential.


Hombre Ultra goes beyond fungal disease control by incorporating Gaucho®, a broad-spectrum insecticide. This component is particularly effective in preventing feeding damage caused by cereal aphids. The management of aphids not only safeguards the crop but also plays a crucial role in reducing the spread of the destructive Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV). BYDV is considered one of the most damaging cereal viruses worldwide, making aphid control a critical aspect of cereal crop protection.


In addition to its primary functions, Hombre Ultra, thanks to the Gaucho component, also serves as a valuable tool for controlling stored grain pests. This feature extends its utility beyond the initial seed treatment, ensuring that the harvested crop remains protected during storage.


Hombre Ultra offers both economic and operational benefits. Its cost-effective nature makes it a practical choice for growers looking to maximize the return on their investment. Furthermore, its convenient pre-mix formulation simplifies the application process, saving time and effort during planting.

In conclusion, Hombre Ultra Cereal Seed Treatment by Bayer is a versatile and valuable asset for cereal growers. By effectively addressing fungal diseases, controlling aphids and reducing the spread of BYDV, and providing stored grain pest protection, it contributes to healthier crops, improved yields, and enhanced profitability. With its dual-action approach and cost-effectiveness, Hombre Ultra stands as a reliable choice for cereal growers, ensuring the long-term success of cereal cultivation.

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