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ICS-888 stands out as a hybrid rice seed variety boasting a maximum production potential of 130 maunds per acre. This high yield capability makes ICS-888 a potentially game-changing option for farmers seeking to significantly boost their rice production.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Yield Potential: With a maximum reported yield of 130 maunds per acre, ICS-888 could be a revolutionary choice for maximizing rice production.
  • Hybrid Benefits: Being a hybrid seed, ICS-888 likely offers advantages like increased vigor, improved uniformity, and potentially better resistance to certain diseases compared to traditional varieties.

Additional Considerations:

  • Detailed Information Needed: Specific details regarding ICS-888's agronomic characteristics (maturity days, disease resistance, etc.) are crucial for informed decision-making. Consulting the seed supplier or conducting further research is highly recommended.
  • Achieving Maximum Yield: Reaching the reported maximum yield of 130 maunds per acre may require specific growing conditions, optimized management practices, and potentially specialized fertilizer or irrigation strategies. Consulting with local agricultural advisors can help determine if your growing environment and resources are suitable for maximizing ICS-888's yield potential.

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