Jumper 2.5EC

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Jumper 2.5EC 1000ml, Active Ingeridents: Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% – EC

Jumper 2.5EC stands as a highly effective insecticide classified under the category of insecticides. This potent solution is specifically engineered to safeguard cotton and rice crops from the detrimental impact of a range of pests, particularly bollworms and the rice leaf folder. At its core, Jumper 2.5EC features Lambda Cyhalothrin as its active ingredient, formulated at a concentration of 2.5% in an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) form, making it a formidable choice for pest control.


The primary mode of action of Jumper 2.5EC is contact-based. When this insecticide is applied to cotton and rice fields, it creates a protective barrier on the surface of the plants. This barrier acts as an immediate deterrent to pests, particularly bollworms and the rice leaf folder, that come into direct contact with the treated foliage. It serves as a rapid response mechanism, preventing these pests from inflicting immediate damage.


Farmers benefit from the flexibility offered by Jumper 2.5EC, which can be applied at a recommended dosage ranging from 250 to 330 ml per acre. This flexibility allows growers to tailor their pest management strategies according to the severity of infestations, crop conditions, and pest pressure. It ensures that farmers have the means to optimize insecticide usage based on specific needs and conditions.


Jumper 2.5EC is renowned for its comprehensive protection against a wide array of bollworms, including those that target cotton and rice. Bollworms are notorious for their capacity to defoliate plants and damage reproductive structures, leading to significant economic losses for farmers. The targeted and efficient solution provided by Jumper 2.5EC promotes healthier plants, improved yields, and enhanced profitability in cotton and rice farming.

In summary, it is a valuable asset for cotton and rice growers seeking to maximize their crop yields by effectively managing bollworms and the rice leaf folder. Its active ingredient, Lambda Cyhalothrin, and its contact-based mode of action provide reliable and swift pest control. By ensuring that pests are kept in check, Jumper 2.5EC contributes to healthier plants and increased agricultural yields. Its flexibility in dosage application makes it a practical choice for farmers, allowing them to adapt to varying pest pressures and crop conditions. Ultimately, Jumper 2.5EC plays a pivotal role in modern farming practices by safeguarding crops and supporting the sustainability of agriculture.

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