Movextra 20SC

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Movextra 20SC, Active Ingeridents: Dinotefuran 10% + Spirotetramat 10% – 20SC

Movextra 20SC is a highly effective insecticide designed specifically for cotton crops. Classified under the category of insecticides, it offers comprehensive protection against two formidable pests: whiteflies and jassids, which are notorious for causing damage to cotton plants.


The unique blend of active ingredients in Movextra 20SC includes Dinotefuran at 10% and Spirotetramat at 10%, formulated as a 20% suspension concentrate (SC). This combination provides a powerful and balanced solution for managing these pests. What sets Movextra 20SC apart is its triple mode of action, which encompasses systemic, contact, and translaminar properties.

Movextra 20SC operates systemically, meaning it is absorbed by the plant’s vascular system and distributed throughout the entire cotton plant. This systemic action is particularly effective in controlling pests that feed on various parts of the plant, including those that may be difficult to reach with contact insecticides.


Additionally, it offers contact action, swiftly targeting pests upon application. This immediate contact action is crucial for eliminating pests present on the surface of the cotton plants.

The translaminar feature of Movextra 20SC enables it to penetrate the leaf surface and move within the leaf tissue. This unique attribute ensures that pests hiding on the underside of leaves are also effectively controlled.

Farmers can easily apply Movextra 20SC at a recommended dose of 250 ml per acre. This user-friendly formulation ensures precise and thorough coverage of the cotton crop, enhancing the efficiency of pest management practices.

For cotton growers, Movextra 20SC is a valuable tool in the fight against whiteflies and jassids. These pests can lead to reduced cotton yields and quality, making effective control measures crucial for maintaining profitability.


In summary, Movextra 20SC is a powerful and specialized insecticide tailored for cotton cultivation. Its unique combination of Dinotefuran and Spirotetramat, along with its triple mode of action (systemic, contact, and translaminar), provides comprehensive pest control. Cotton farmers can rely on this product to protect their crops from whiteflies and jassids, contributing to healthier plants, improved yields, and enhanced profitability. Its ease of application and effectiveness make it an indispensable asset in modern cotton farming practices.

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