Mycrobor DF

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Mycrobor DF: Boron Supplement for Crops

Product: Mycrobor DF (Dry Flowable)

Active Ingredient: Boron (20%)

Available Size: 1 kg

Suitable for: Correcting boron deficiency in various crops including:

  • Cotton
  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits


  • Ensures boron availability for healthy plant growth
  • Improves fruit and vegetable quality


  • Foliar (through leaves) or Soil application
  • Do not exceed a total of 24 kg/ha per growing season.

Mixing and Application:

  • Mycrobor DF is a water-soluble granule.
  • Fill the spray tank half way with clean water and start agitation.
  • Slowly add the required amount of Mycrobor DF.
  • Add the remaining water and apply immediately.
  • For improved spray retention and rain fastness, consider using Headland Guard 2000 (0.1% v/v).


  • Application rates vary depending on the crop type. See product description for specific rates for:
    • Sugar beet
    • Oilseed rape and brassicas
    • Legumes
    • Maize
    • Root crops
    • Top fruit and soft fruit
    • Grapes and ornamentals


  • Apply as needed or based on tissue analysis results.


  • Generally compatible with many agricultural chemicals. Consult your distributor for specific information.


  • Keep dry and cool in the original container within a designated chemical storage area.
  • Ensure the bag is properly closed to prevent moisture ingress.
  • Keep away from direct heat sources.

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