Ripfos 44EC

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Ripfos 44EC 500ml, Active Ingeridents: Cypermethrin 4% + Profenofos 40% – 44EC

Ripfos 44EC stands out as a potent insecticide that caters to the pest management needs of various crops under the category of insecticides. With an active ingredient combination of Cypermethrin at 4% and Profenofos at 40%, it is formulated in a concentrated emulsifiable concentrate (EC) form, offering effective control against a range of troublesome pests including mealybugs, the bollworm complex, and fruit borers.


One of the standout features of Ripfos 44EC is its dual mode of action, encompassing both contact and translaminar properties. Upon application, this insecticide forms a protective barrier on the surface of the plant, effectively acting as a contact insecticide. This rapid contact action is instrumental in promptly eliminating pests that come into direct contact with the treated foliage. Moreover, Ripfos 44EC boasts translaminar capabilities, allowing it to penetrate the leaf surface and travel within the leaf tissue. This unique attribute provides sustained protection against pests residing both on the leaf surface and within the leaf structure.


For ease of application, Ripfos 44EC is recommended at a dosage of 500 ml per acre. Its user-friendly formulation ensures uniform and precise coverage of the crops, enhancing the overall efficiency of pest management practices. This adaptability makes Ripfos 44EC an indispensable tool for farmers engaged in multicrop cultivation, as it offers comprehensive protection against a wide spectrum of pests.

Farmers cultivating multiple crops can rely on Ripfos 44EC to safeguard their investments. In cotton crops, it effectively controls mealybugs and the notorious bollworm complex, preserving the cotton quality and yield. In fruit orchards, it helps combat fruit borers, ensuring the health and productivity of fruit-bearing trees. This broad-spectrum pest control makes Ripfos 44EC a valuable asset in modern agriculture.


In conclusion,it is a powerful insecticide tailored for multicrop cultivation. Its active ingredient combination of Cypermethrin and Profenofos, along with its dual contact and translaminar mode of action, provides comprehensive pest control. Farmers can rely on this product to protect their crops from a range of damaging insects, contributing to healthier plants and increased agricultural yields across various crop varieties. Its ease of use and effectiveness make it an indispensable tool in modern farming practices.

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