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Rumble 32.5SC: A Powerful Fungicide for Protecting Your Crops

Dominate crop diseases with Rumble 32.5SC, a broad-spectrum fungicide formulated with a unique blend of Azoxystrobin (20%) and Difenoconazole (12.5%). This potent combination delivers exceptional protection against a wide range of fungal threats in various crops, including:

Target Crops:

    • Rice: Blast, Brown spots, Sheath blight
    • Vegetables: Blast, Brown spots, Gray mold, Rhizoctonia
    • Orchards: (Please specify relevant diseases for your orchard)

Unmatched Spectrum of Control:

Rumble 32.5SC boasts a robust action against various fungal pathogens, including:

    • Blast: Protect your rice crops from the devastating blast disease, ensuring healthy yields.
    • Brown spots: Prevent unsightly and yield-reducing brown spots on rice and vegetables.
    • Sheath blight: Shield your rice from sheath blight, a major fungal disease that attacks leaves and stems.
    • Gray mold: Effectively control gray mold, a notorious disease that causes spoilage and losses in fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
    • Rhizoctonia: Safeguard your vegetables from Rhizoctonia, a soilborne fungus that damages roots and stems.

Dual Mode of Action for Enhanced Efficacy:

Rumble 32.5SC's unique combination of Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole provides a powerful dual mode of action:

    • Systemic: Azoxystrobin penetrates plant tissues, offering long-lasting protection from within.
    • Translaminar: Difenoconazole moves across the leaf surface, providing effective contact and preventive control.

Additional Benefits:

    • Dose efficiency: Delivers exceptional protection at a low application rate of 125 ml/acre.
    • Rainfastness: Ensures long-lasting efficacy even after rainfall.
    • Crop safety: Proven to be safe for use on various crops when applied according to label instructions.

Optimize Your Crop Health with Rumble 32.5SC:

By incorporating Rumble 32.5SC into your integrated pest management (IPM) program, you can:

    • Reduce crop losses: Protect your valuable crops from yield-robbing fungal diseases.
    • Improve crop quality: Ensure healthy and marketable produce with effective disease control.
  • Boost profits: Maximize your returns by minimizing crop losses and enhancing marketability.

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