Sweet Spot 80WP

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Sweet Spot 80WP: Protect Your Orchards & Vegetables from Devastating Fungal Diseases

Sweet Spot 80WP is a powerful, systemic fungicide offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of fungal diseases in orchards and vegetables. Its active ingredient, Fosetyl Aluminium 80%, delivers exceptional control for various critical threats, safeguarding your valuable crops and maximizing yields.

Key Features & Benefits:

    • Broad-spectrum control: Effectively combats Gummosis, root rot, collar rot, damping-off, and Sclerotia blight, particularly in chili crops.
    • Systemic action: Absorbed by plants and translocated throughout, providing internal protection even against new growth infections.
    • Preventive & curative: Offers both protective and curative action, stopping existing infections and preventing future outbreaks.
    • Enhanced plant health: Promotes stronger root development and overall plant health, improving stress tolerance and yield potential.
    • Convenient application: Formulated as a wettable powder (WP) for easy mixing and spraying.

Recommended Crops:

    • Orchards: Apple, pear, citrus, stone fruits
    • Vegetables: Tomato, pepper, chili, eggplant, cucurbits, leafy greens

Application and Dose:

    • Apply Sweet Spot 80WP as a foliar spray following label instructions and recommended rates.
    • Standard dose: 250 grams per acre
    • Mixing: Refer to product label for specific mixing instructions.

Additional Information:

    • Active ingredient: Fosetyl Aluminium 80% WP
    • Mode of action: Systemic
    • Re-entry interval: Follow label instructions for safe re-entry after application.
  • Always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling and applying fungicides.

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