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Sop 0-0-50+18s,Crystal,25kg Sop Fmc Sulfate Of Potash Macro Nutrient Ph < 4 

In the world of agriculture, achieving optimal crop nutrition is paramount, and Sulfate of Potash (SOP) 0-0-50+18S Crystal by FMC Corporation emerges as a vital solution. Dive into the details of this essential macro nutrient and its profound impact on crop cultivation.



SOP 0-0-50+18S Crystal belongs to the category of macro nutrients, with its active ingredient being potassium sulfate. This composition makes it a potent source of essential plant nutrients.


SOP caters to a wide array of crops, including cotton, wheat, potato, tobacco, orchards, vegetables, and other field crops. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for farmers with diverse agricultural portfolios.


The primary objective of SOP is to supply crucial potash to plants. Potassium is an indispensable nutrient for plant growth, contributing to functions like root development, photosynthesis, and disease resistance.


Is not bound by traditional application methods. It is ideal for foliar application and fertigation, allowing farmers to choose the most efficient and effective means of nutrient delivery.


Its boast full solubility, ensuring that every application delivers a uniform and effective nutrient dose to plants. This characteristic minimizes the risk of nutrient imbalances and maximizes nutrient uptake.

6. Sulphur Enrichment: SOP is not just about potassium; it also contains sulfur, another vital element for plant growth. Sulphur plays a key role in protein synthesis and overall plant health.

7. Enhanced Nutrient Transport: SOP supports the efficient transport of food and nutrients within plants. This leads to healthier, more robust crops and improved crop quality.

8. Chloride-Free: One standout advantage of SOP is its absence of harmful salts like chlorides. This makes it a safe choice for crops, particularly in regions sensitive to salt accumulation in soil.

9. Quality and Shelf Life: SOP contributes to improved produce quality and extended shelf life for vegetables and fruits. Farmers can expect enhanced marketability and reduced post-harvest losses.

Pack Size: SOP is conveniently available in a 25 kg pack, ensuring ease of handling and application.

In conclusion, Sulfate of Potash (SOP) 0-0-50+18S Crystal from FMC Corporation is a cornerstone of modern agriculture, delivering essential macro nutrients to a wide range of crops. Its versatility, high solubility, sulfur enrichment, and overall nutrient efficiency make it an invaluable asset for farmers. By choosing SOP, you’re not just investing in crop nutrition; you’re investing in the future of your farm. Elevate your crop yields, improve crop quality, and extend the shelf life of your produce with SOP. It’s more than just a nutrient; it’s a catalyst for agricultural success. Make SOP a part of your farming journey, and watch your crops thrive like never before. Your path to agricultural excellence starts here.

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