Takel Sulphur

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Takel Sulphur 80wg 10kg & 1kg Micro Nutrient Tara Group Of Pakistan

Takel 10kg is a versatile agricultural product that serves multiple essential purposes in fruit crop cultivation. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into its key attributes, recommended dosage, application method, targeted crops, mode of action, and active ingredient, highlighting how it can be a valuable asset in fruit farming.


Takel 10kg is a multi-functional product that plays a pivotal role in fruit crop management. It offers benefits that encompass plant growth promotion, fungicidal properties, and soil conditioning, making it an indispensable tool for fruit growers.


The recommended dosage for Takel 10kg is 1 kilogram per 100 liters of water.Farmers typically apply it through flooding, ensuring uniform distribution and absorption by the fruit plants, as this dosage and application method are designed to maximize its effectiveness.


Takel 10kg is particularly well-suited for fruit crops. Whether you’re cultivating apples, oranges, grapes, or any other fruit variety, this product can be seamlessly integrated into your cultivation practices to promote healthy and productive fruit trees.


One of the key attributes of Takel 10kg is its multifaceted mode of action. It contributes to plant growth by providing essential nutrients and sulfur, which is crucial for plant health. Additionally, it exhibits fungicidal properties, helping to protect fruit trees from harmful fungal diseases. Furthermore, Takel 10kg is known to soften the soil, enhancing its structure and aeration. Improved soil conditions are fundamental for better plant growth, root development, and nutrient uptake.

Active Ingredient: The active ingredient in Takel 10kg is sulfur. Sulfur is essential for plant growth as it is a component of amino acids and vitamins. It also has fungicidal properties, making it effective in preventing and managing fungal diseases that can threaten fruit crops.

In conclusion, Takel 10kg is a versatile and valuable asset in fruit farming. By following the recommended dosage, application method, and incorporating it into your fruit crop management practices, you can harness the full potential of this product to promote robust plant growth, protect against fungal diseases, and improve soil quality. Trust in Takel 10kg to nurture healthy and productive fruit trees, ensuring a bountiful harvest for your orchard.

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