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Tara-786 is a short-grain hybrid rice seed ideal for farmers seeking high-yielding and potentially superior quality short-grain rice crops.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Technology: Being a hybrid seed, Tara-786 offers the potential for increased yield and improved uniformity compared to traditional rice varieties.
  • Short-Grain Rice: This variety produces short, plump kernels well-suited for dishes requiring sticky rice, such as sushi or risotto.
  • Improved Productivity: Tara-786 has the potential to deliver higher yields compared to open-pollinated short-grain varieties.

Additional Considerations:

  • Limited Information: While specific details regarding Tara-786's agronomic characteristics (maturity days, disease resistance, etc.) are unavailable, consulting the seed supplier or conducting further research is recommended.
  • Local Adaptation: Success with Tara-786 may depend on your specific growing conditions and climate. Consider consulting with local agricultural advisors to determine its suitability for your region.

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