Tara Super

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Tara Super (8:8:6), NPK (8:8:6)

Tara Super, a cutting-edge micronutrient formulation, is your ideal partner for fostering robust agricultural growth across a wide spectrum of crops. With its balanced composition of essential nutrients, Tara Super (8:8:6) is designed to be a versatile solution for modern farming needs. Let’s delve into the details of this powerful agricultural aid, optimized for optimal crop health and productivity.



It is tailor-made for various crops, making it a versatile choice for farmers cultivating a range of plant species. Whether you’re growing cereals, fruits, or vegetables, Tara Super’s efficacy remains consistent across diverse agricultural endeavors.


Tara Super boasts a well-calibrated blend of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) with an 8:8:6 ratio. These essential nutrients play pivotal roles in plant growth, root development, flowering, and fruiting. Ensuring your crops receive the nourishment they need for optimal performance.


In addition to its role as a growth promoter. It excels as a stress management solution. It equips plants to withstand environmental stressors like drought, extreme temperatures, and nutrient deficiencies, bolstering their resilience and enhancing overall crop quality.


Tara Super, in addition to its multifaceted benefits, functions as a valuable crop supplement, enriching the soil and fortifying plants with the nutrients necessary for thriving in various growth stages. Consequently, this supplementation leads to healthier crops, higher yields, and improved crop quality.


With a recommended dose of 1000 ml per acre, Tara Super is easy to apply, ensuring even distribution and efficient nutrient absorption. It can be incorporated into various farming practices, including foliar application, drip irrigation, or soil drenching.


Tara Super supports sustainable farming practices by optimizing nutrient utilization and reducing the need for excessive fertilization. This not only benefits crop yield but also minimizes environmental impact.

Application Guidelines:

  • Apply Tara Super at a rate of 1000 ml per acre, adjusting the dosage as needed based on specific crop requirements.
  • For best results, use this  during critical growth stages or periods of stress to fortify your crops effectively.

In conclusion, Tara Super (8:8:6) is a game-changer in the realm of micronutrients, empowering farmers with a versatile and effective solution for enhancing crop health and productivity. Whether you’re growing cereals, fruits, or vegetables, Tara Super’s nutrient-rich formula, stress management capabilities, and crop supplementation benefits make it an invaluable asset in modern agriculture. Elevate your farming practices with Tara Super, and watch your crops thrive, setting the stage for bountiful harvests and sustainable agricultural success. Choose this product to unlock the full growth potential of your crops and nurture a greener, healthier future for your farm.

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