Tara Zinco 21%

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Tara Zinco 21%G 5kg, Active Ingeridents: Zinc 21%

Tara Zinco 21%G is a vital micronutrient fertilizer designed to meet the nutritional needs of a wide range of crops in agriculture. It falls under the category of micronutrients, which are essential elements required by plants in relatively small quantities but are critical for their growth and development.


The recommended application rate for Tara Zinco 21%G is 5000 grams per acre, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution to address zinc deficiency in soil. This product is particularly valuable for multicrop cultivation systems, where diverse crops are grown on the same piece of land. Zinc plays a crucial role in various physiological processes within plants, including enzyme activation, DNA synthesis, and hormone regulation. As such, ensuring an adequate supply of zinc is essential for optimizing crop yield, quality, and overall health.

Tara Zinco 21%G contains a high concentration of zinc, with 21% of its content consisting of this micronutrient. The zinc is present in the form of soluble granules, ensuring that it can be readily taken up by plant roots. This solubility is especially important as it allows for efficient absorption and translocation of zinc within the plant, making it readily available to all parts of the crop.


One of the key features of Tara Zinco 21%G is its systemic mode of action. Systemic means that once applied to the soil, the zinc is absorbed by the plant’s roots and transported throughout the entire plant, including leaves, stems, and fruits. This systemic action ensures that all parts of the crop receive the necessary zinc for optimal growth and development.

In summary, Tara Zinco 21%G is a valuable micronutrient fertilizer designed to address zinc deficiency in multicrop agricultural systems. With its high zinc content, soluble granules, and systemic mode of action, it provides an effective and efficient solution to enhance crop health and maximize yields, ultimately contributing to food security and agricultural sustainability.

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