Tri Power

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Tri Power (15:0:30) 1kg, Active Ingeridents: NPK (15:0:30)

Tri Power is a specialized micronutrient formulation designed to support crop health and vitality across a wide range of crops. With its balanced composition of essential nutrients, particularly NPK (15:0:30), it serves as a valuable tool in agriculture for stress management and crop supplementation. This micronutrient solution is applied at a recommended dosage of 500 ml per acre, making it a practical and efficient choice for farmers engaged in multicrop cultivation.


Tri Powerโ€™s formulation is rich in NPK, which represents the three fundamental macronutrients essential for plant growth and development:

  • N (Nitrogen): Nitrogen is crucial for the synthesis of proteins and chlorophyll, playing a pivotal role in plant growth and photosynthesis.
  • P (Phosphorus): Phosphorus is essential for energy transfer within the plant, aiding in processes like flowering, fruiting, and root development.
  • K (Potassium): Potassium contributes to overall plant health and helps in the regulation of various physiological processes, such as water uptake and disease resistance.

This balanced combination of NPK provides the crops with the necessary nutrients to thrive and withstand various environmental stresses.


Tri Power serves as an effective stress management tool for crops. Environmental stresses, such as drought, temperature fluctuations, and nutrient deficiencies, can adversely affect crop health and yield. By supplying the essential NPK nutrients in a balanced ratio, Tri Power helps crops build resilience against these stresses. This resilience, in turn, promotes healthier and more vigorous plant growth even under challenging conditions.


As a crop supplement, Tri Power plays a critical role in filling nutrient gaps that may exist in the soil. In many agricultural settings, soil nutrient levels may be insufficient to meet the demands of growing crops. Tri Power addresses this issue by providing an additional source of NPK nutrients that the plants can readily absorb. This supplementation ensures that the crops receive a consistent and adequate supply of essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle.


Tri Power functions as a growth promoter, enhancing the overall vigor and productivity of crops. The balanced NPK formulation stimulates various growth processes, including root development, flowering, and fruit setting. As a result, crops treated with Tri Power are more likely to exhibit increased yields, improved quality, and greater resistance to adverse conditions.

In conclusion, Tri Power is a versatile micronutrient solution that offers stress management, crop supplementation, and growth promotion benefits to a wide range of crops. Its balanced composition of essential NPK nutrients provides crops with the building blocks they need to thrive and withstand environmental challenges. By incorporating Tri Power into their agricultural practices, farmers can enhance the health and productivity of their crops, ultimately contributing to improved agricultural sustainability and food security.

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