Ultrasol Magnum P44

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Ultrasol Magnum P44 18-44-0, manufactured by SQM and distributed by Swat Agro Chemicals in Pakistan, is a 25kg water-soluble crystalline fertilizer specifically designed for soil application or fertigation (applying fertilizer through irrigation systems). It offers a high concentration of phosphorus (P2O5) at 44%, making it a valuable tool for addressing phosphorus deficiencies in various crops.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Phosphorus Content (44% P2O5): Phosphorus plays a critical role in root development, seed formation, and energy transfer within plants. Ultrasol Magnum P44 provides a readily available source of phosphorus to support these crucial processes.
  • Balanced NPK Formula (18% N): While phosphorus is the primary focus, the presence of 18% nitrogen (N) contributes to healthy vegetative growth, including strong stems and leaves.
  • Suitable for Calcareous Soils: The low-pH nature of Ultrasol Magnum P44 makes it ideal for calcareous soils (soils with high calcium carbonate content) where phosphorus availability can be limited.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake: Being 100% water-soluble, Ultrasol Magnum P44 dissolves readily in water, allowing for efficient nutrient uptake by plants compared to traditional granular fertilizers.


Ultrasol Magnum P44 can be a valuable tool in various agricultural settings:

  • Correcting Phosphorus Deficiencies: This fertilizer can address phosphorus deficiencies that may hinder plant growth, potentially leading to improved yields and crop quality.
  • Early Growth Stages: The balanced NPK formula can be beneficial during early plant development when strong root systems and healthy vegetative growth are crucial.
  • Calcareous Soil Management: In areas with high-pH soils, Ultrasol Magnum P44 can help ensure adequate phosphorus availability for optimal plant growth.

Important Considerations:

  • Category and Subcategory: Ultrasol Magnum P44 falls under the fertilizer category, with a more specific subcategory being "High Phosphorus Fertilizer" or "Water-Soluble Fertilizer." "Imported Fertilizer" can be a valid subcategory if this product is not manufactured locally.
  • Dosage: The information provided mentions a 25kg pack size, but the specific application rate (dosage per acre) is crucial and depends on soil conditions, crop type, and desired results. Always refer to the product label for recommended application rates.
  • Soil Testing: A proper soil test can provide a comprehensive picture of your soil's nutrient profile and may reveal additional nutrient requirements beyond phosphorus.

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