Bromoxynil + MCPA 500ML

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FMC's Bromoxynil + MCPA 500ML is a powerful herbicide specifically formulated to control broadleaf weeds in wheat crops. This product effectively eliminates weeds that compete with your wheat for vital resources, boosting your crop's yield and overall health.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective Broadleaf Weed Control: Bromoxynil + MCPA targets a wide range of broadleaf weeds commonly found in wheat fields.
  • Improved Crop Health: By eliminating weeds, this herbicide reduces competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight, leading to healthier and more productive wheat plants.
  • Safe for Wheat: When used according to the label instructions, Bromoxynil + MCPA is safe for wheat crops.

Instructions for Use:

  • Before applying: Carefully read and follow all directions on the product label, including precautionary and safety information.
  • Mixing: Ensure thorough mixing by half-filling the spray tank with clean water, adding the required amount of Bromoxynil + MCPA, agitating thoroughly, then adding the remaining water and agitating again before spraying.
  • Application: Apply using a boom sprayer calibrated for the correct application rate. The recommended water volume per hectare varies depending on the situation (weed infestation, crop cover, tank-mixing).
  • Equipment Maintenance: After use, thoroughly wash application equipment with an appropriate cleaner and rinse with clean water multiple times.
  • Compatibility: This product is compatible with specific herbicides and insecticides for wheat and barley only. Always refer to the label for mixing instructions and precautions.

Important Notes:

  • Weather Conditions: Avoid spraying during dry, cold weather, when crops are susceptible, or if rain is expected within 4 hours. Do not apply before frost or to diseased/frost-affected crops.
  • Weed Resistance: To manage weed resistance, it's crucial to rotate herbicides with different modes of action.
  • Protection of Other Plants and Environment: Exercise caution to prevent spray drift onto nearby susceptible plants, crops, or waterways. This product is harmful to fish and aquatic life.

For optimal results and to ensure safe use, always follow the instructions on the product label.

Additional Information:

  • Active Ingredients: Bromoxynil + MCPA
  • Target Crop: Wheat
  • Category: Pesticides
  • Subcategory: Herbicides/Weedicides
  • Manufacturer: FMC

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