Coragen 20SC

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Coragen 20SC is a powerful insecticide from FMC that delivers exceptional control of key lepidopteran pests, including armyworm, corn earworm, diamondback moth, and leafminer larvae. Its active ingredient, rynaxypyr, stops insect feeding rapidly after application and provides long-lasting residual control for up to three weeks at the recommended high label rate.

Key benefits of Coragen 20SC:

  • Broad-spectrum control: Effectively targets a wide range of lepidopteran pests.
  • Fast-acting: Stops insect feeding within minutes of application.
  • Long-lasting residual: Provides up to three weeks of protection.
  • Reduced re-entry interval: Allows you to return to fields sooner (4 hours).
  • Short pre-harvest interval: Enables harvest closer to application (1 day).
  • Beneficial insect friendly: Minimal impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects when used according to the label, making it ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Coragen 20SC is ideal for use on various crops, including:

  • Cotton
  • Tomato
  • Cabbage/Cauliflower
  • Okra
  • Apple
  • Melons
  • Barseem

Available in a convenient 150ml size, Coragen 20SC offers effective and reliable pest control for optimal crop yields and quality.

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