Shot Gun 26OD

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Shot Gun 26OD is a potent herbicide specifically formulated to tackle a broad spectrum of broadleaf (BL) and narrowleaf (NL) weeds in maize fields. Its unique combination of three active ingredients delivers a powerful one-two punch, ensuring effective weed control and optimal crop yield.

Triple Threat:

    • Nicosulfuron (2%): This systemic herbicide disrupts amino acid synthesis in weeds, leading to stunted growth and eventual death. It's particularly effective against tough weeds like Johnsongrass, Sorghum halepense, and Kochia.
    • Atrazine (20%): A well-known pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide, Atrazine inhibits photosynthesis in weeds, causing them to starve and die. It's especially effective against annual broadleaf weeds and some grasses.
    • Mesotrione (4%): This broad-spectrum herbicide works by disrupting cell membrane integrity, leading to rapid weed desiccation and death. It effectively controls both broadleaf and narrowleaf weeds, including some resistant species.

Dominating the Battlefield:

    • Dose: At 800 ml/acre, Shot Gun 26OD packs a punch, providing a concentrated dose for maximum weed control.
    • Spectrum: No weed is safe from this triple threat. Shot Gun 26OD tackles both BL and NL weeds, ensuring your maize field stays weed-free and thrives.
    • Mode of Action: Systemic action means the herbicide is absorbed by the weed, spreading throughout its vascular system and eliminating it from the inside out. This provides long-lasting control and minimizes soil disruption.

Beyond the Basics:

    • 26OD formulation: This concentrated formula ensures efficient mixing and application, saving you time and effort.
    • Flexible application: Shot Gun 26OD can be applied pre-emergence, early post-emergence, or even directed post-emergence for targeted weed control.
    • Maize compatibility: Formulated specifically for maize, Shot Gun 26OD effectively controls weeds without harming your crop.

Shot Gun 26OD is your one-stop solution for weed management in maize. Its powerful combination of active ingredients, broad spectrum control, and systemic action make it a true powerhouse in the field. With Shot Gun 26OD, you can say goodbye to weeds and hello to a bountiful maize harvest!

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