Starfen 10EW

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Starfen 10EW 1000ml, Active Ingeridents: Bifenthrin 10% – EW

Starfen 10EW is a versatile insecticide classified under the category of insecticides, designed to address the pest management needs of a range of agricultural crops, including cotton, vegetables, and orchards. Its active ingredient, Bifenthrin, is formulated at a concentration of 10% in an emulsifiable concentrate (EW) form, providing a potent solution for combating both sucking pests and a complex of chewing insects known as “BWs” (borers and worms).


The dual action mode of Starfen 10EW includes contact and translaminar properties. When applied, it forms a protective barrier on the plant’s surface, which acts as a contact insecticide. This immediate contact action is effective in eliminating pests that come into direct contact with the treated foliage. However, what sets Starfen 10EW apart is its translaminar ability. This means that it can penetrate the leaf surface and move within the leaf, providing sustained protection against pests residing both on the surface and inside the leaf tissue.


Farmers can conveniently apply Starfen 10EW at a recommended dose of 250 ml per acre. This easy-to-use formulation ensures precise and uniform coverage of the crops, enhancing the efficiency of pest management practices. The versatility of Starfen 10EW makes it an invaluable tool for farmers engaged in the cultivation of cotton, vegetables, and orchards, as it offers effective protection against a broad spectrum of pests.

For cotton growers, Starfen 10EW helps safeguard their crops against various sucking insects and the notorious cotton bollworms, enhancing the quality and yield of cotton fibers. In vegetable farms, it combats pests such as aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars that can ravage vegetable crops. In orchards, it protects fruit trees from pests like codling moths and leafhoppers, ensuring healthy fruit production.


In conclusion, Starfen 10EW is a powerful insecticide tailored to the needs of cotton, vegetable, and orchard growers. Its active ingredient, Bifenthrin, with its dual contact and translaminar mode of action, provides comprehensive pest control. Farmers can rely on this product to protect their crops from an array of damaging insects, contributing to healthier plants and increased agricultural yields across multiple crop varieties. Its ease of application and effectiveness make it a valuable asset in modern farming practices.

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