Unifos 21EC

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Unifos 21EC is a powerful insecticide formulation containing two active ingredients:

  • Lambda-cyhalothrin (1%): This synthetic pyrethroid disrupts the nervous system of insects, leading to rapid paralysis and death. It has excellent knockdown and residual activity, lasting for several weeks on foliage.
  • Triazophos (20%): This organophosphate insecticide works by inhibiting an enzyme crucial for insect nerve function. It has a broader spectrum of activity than lambda-cyhalothrin and provides deeper penetration into plant tissues.

Key Characteristics:

  • Category: Insecticide
  • Dose: 750 milliliters per acre (ml/acre)
  • Crops: Cotton and Vegetables
  • Active Ingredients:
    • Lambda-cyhalothrin (1%) - Provides quick knockdown and long-lasting control
    • Triazophos (20%) - Offers broad-spectrum control with deeper plant tissue penetration
  • Spectrum: Primarily targets Pink Bollworm and Fruit Borer, but also effective against a variety of other lepidopteran pests (moths and butterflies) on labeled crops.
  • Mode of Action: Combination of contact (kills insects upon direct contact) and residual activity (continues to kill hatching insects for weeks after application).

Additional Information:

  • Always follow label instructions for proper mixing, application rates, and safety precautions.
  • Unifos 21EC may be harmful to beneficial insects such as bees. Avoid spraying during blooming periods or near beehives.
  • Use integrated pest management (IPM) practices alongside Unifos 21EC to promote long-term pest control and reduce the risk of resistance development.
  • Consult with your local agricultural extension office or a qualified pest control advisor for specific recommendations based on your region and target pests.

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